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  • QR Coded

    All of our products adhere to the strictest laws in the United States. Simply click on the QR code on the label and go right to the web site to see all information on your product. is a Manufacturing FDA Compliant QR batch tracking software used primarily in the E-liquid manufacturing process. By scanning the QR code or entering in the batch number will show the results of all the ingredients and LOT number information for the products batch. The information contained in this site is for documentation only and should only be used as such.

  • Organic

    All of our tinctures are made with the highest quality Organic ingredients. Meaning 95% or more certified organic, meaning free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and must not be processed using industrial solvent.

    Your health is our priority and using natural processes to bring organic remedies and products to a pharmaceutical world is our primary mission and focus.  All of our lines utilize a farming system which avoids the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides; growth regulators and livestock feed additives. Irradiation and the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or products produced from or by GMOs are generally prohibited by organic legislation.

  • Cruelty Free

    We at CBD Bio Pure believe in sanctity and quality of life and because of that we do not carry any product lines that test on animals. Even the flavoring in our Tinctures must come from companies that are cruelty free (of cosmetics or other commercial products) manufactured or developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals.

    We take the designation of cruelty-free very seriously and realize that the image of a bunny on a label may only refer to the finished product, when in fact, most animal testing occurs at the ingredient level. We strive to ensure we carry the very best cruelty free products available today.


What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a natural product known as a cannabinoid derived from industrial hemp. Our bodies also naturally produce it.

All cannabinoids, including CBD, attach themselves to certain receptors in the body to produce their effects.

The human body produces certain cannabinoids on its own. It has two receptors for cannabinoids, called CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors.

CB1 receptors are found all around the body, but many of them are in the brain.

The CB1 receptors in the brain deal with coordination and movement, pain, emotions and mood, thinking, appetite, and memories, among others. THC attaches to these receptors.

CB2 receptors are more common in the immune system. They affect inflammation and pain.

It used to be thought that CBD acts on these CB2 receptors, but it appears now that CBD does not act on either receptor directly. Instead, it seems to influence the body to use more of its own cannabinoids.

Is CBD good for me?

Scientists are rapidly discovering more and more about the rather amazing abilities of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Over the course of this year (and many years prior) Cannabidiol has been shown to be a potential therapy for:

Psychotic Disorders
Stroke Rehabilitation
High Blood Pressure
Liver Injury

Many of these cannabinoids have therapeutic value and CBD is no exception. It is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid, meaning it does not contribute to the euphoria associated with certain strains of cannabis. It is, however, psychoactive, because it crosses the blood-brain barrier. Unlike THC, CBD can be administered at relatively high doses without undesired psychological side effects.

A logical start to this list is an overall update on CBD. Published in June, this review evaluated a massive amount of existing research, data, and studies with the intent to update and synthesize vast amounts of information on the favorable safety profile of CBD.

Will CBD make you high?

This product WILL NOT make you high because it does NOT contain THC.
In our state it is required to state less than 0.3% is on the label however, all of our CBD products contain 0% THC.

Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) is a hurdle for CBD because THC is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis. This close association between CBD and THC is likely what causes a negative reaction to the thought of using CBD as a medical therapy.

This study combats the notion that CBD causes a THC high by discussing the misinterpretations of prior studies on the subject. In fact, the researchers state that two particular prior studies “have caused much confusion and uncertainty whether oral cannabidiol (CBD) is safe and whether subjects who are treated with CBD run the risk of positive workplace tests [for THC].”

The researchers note that while conversion to THC may occur under artificial conditions “Over 40 years of research on CBD does not suggest a conversion of CBD to delta9-THC and/or other cannabinoids in vivo after oral administration.”

To avoid misinterpretations in the future, Nahler noted “The more a result is unexpected (or presented as such as it was in the paper of Merrick et al., 2016) the more authors should be cautious when interpreting and extrapolating results.”

This is a truly impactful study for CBD use as it takes direct aim at the common-yet-faulty belief that CBD is a psychoactive compound.

 Authors: Gerhard Nahler, Franjo Grotenhermen, Antonio Waldo Zuardi, and José A.S. Crippa; Department of Neuroscience and Behavior, University of São Paulo Ribeirão Preto, Brazil and Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia Translacional em Medicina

What's the Recommended Dosage?

Each Package has a recommended use amount. 

We recommend first speaking with your primary care physician. Depending on body type and the reason for taking we recommend starting with a small amount and increasing the amount over time to find out the best amount that works for your needs.

What Extraction Method is used?

The CBD used in in PureStasis Products is CO2 Extracted from Industrial Hemp.

Carbon Dioxide (C02) is a unique molecule that can function as any state of matter— solid, liquid, or gas— depending on the pressure and temperature it is kept under. Because variables like pressure and temperature have to be kept very specific in a C02 extraction, this extraction method is usually done with a piece of equipment called a ‘closed-loop extractor’.
This machine has three chambers: the first chamber holds solid, pressurised C02 (commonly known as ‘dry ice’), the second chamber contains dry plant material and the third chamber separates the finished product.

Will it show on a Drug Test?

A consumer who uses the standard daily servings of CBD listed on our products’ packaging is unlikely to test positive for THC. However, some tests will test for the CBD spectrum and can indicate Cannabis use.

A routine urine drug screen for marijuana use, like the one you may take for a new job, consists of an immunoassay, a biological test with antibodies that are designed to detect THC and its main metabolite, 11-nor-delta9-caboxy-THC (THC-COOH). That means that the test was developed specifically to check for the use of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

Fortunately, the urine drug screen for THC and its metabolites is known to have very little cross-reactivity to other cannabinoids that are not psychoactive, such as CBD, CBG (cannabigerol), CBN (cannabinol), and others. Therefore, since CBD oil derived from hemp containing only trace amounts of THC, a hemp oil routine shouldn’t cause a user to fail a drug test.

Despite this, in a study of patients using CBD hemp oil, an original drug screening using an immunoassay occasionally showed false positives. When the sample was then verified using more accurate GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) tests, though, the samples came back negative, proving that the subjects were under the testing limit for THC.


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